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Yarraglen Homestead is in the Central Tablelands of New South Wales Australia, down in the Capertee Valley. Most people have never heard of this valley, yet it is the widest enclosed canyon in the world and only 2.5 hours from Sydney. Our valley is surrounded by sandstone cliffs and at sunset it is a sight to see. Birdwatching is a favourite past time down here, with over 200 bird species to enjoy.

I have the opinion not to waste anything and to also live as frugally as possible. 

Don’t feel you need to live on the land to follow my principles. Anyone, anywhere can choose to make decisions based on price, quality, making something from scratch and not bought in a packet or just turning off a light when you leave a room. I felt the need to grow my food, collect my water and store my electricity.

The online shop gives me the chance to share my farm produce with you. I don't spray the fruit or vegetables with anything nasty, and the products are made as soon as I pick the produce. This ensures good quality and minimal intervention is needed to capture the goodness in the jar.

All the bath and body range is made from hypo allergenic ingredients which haven't been tested on animals and products using palm oil complies with RSPO.  All ingredients are sourced off the farm or as local as possible. My soap is made with goat milk and lathers to a creamy consistency and is super moisturising.


If you fancy a visit to this beautiful part of the world, why not drop in and do a workshop? I will teach you to make cheese, pasta and your own soap. Check out the dates under the Workshops Tab. 

I want to share my journey to self sufficiency and my values as these are the things in life which gives us joy. 


Sandy Mollison, Maker

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